Oliver Sauce

Oliver Sauce invented the "Tonkatsu Sauce" in 1948 in Kobe, Japan. Its base was the famous Worcester Sauce, born in the town of Worcester, England in the 19th century. From this starting point, this newly-developed Japanese sauce that best matches dishes like deep-fried cutlets (tonkatsu) and pan-grilled Japanese-style pancakes called "Okonomiyaki", was created.

Sauces from this brand have an intense flavor, so would not be regarded as middle-of-the-road products, and some people may become thoroughly engrossed with their sauces due to their addictive nature. They represent the notion of “One Taste Is All It Takes”, which is also mentioned in their corporate message, to produce a globally unique flavor in the sauce market.

Tonkatsu fans should try their flagship tonkatsu sauce. Its sharp spiciness not only stimulates your appetite but also makes the tonkatsu and other deep-fried dishes appear less greasy. If you still find Oliver’s tonkatsu sauce too bland, their extra-robust Doro Sauce will fill your mouth with a burst of umami and spiciness. In Oliver’s sauces, richness and goodness are actually a synonym.