When you need to purchase some baby care items, you can rely on Pigeon. This brand is a giant in the baby-related industries and is the top manufacturer of baby bottles in Japan. They have almost all kinds of products necessary for nursing babies including baby bottles, mugs, weaning foods, toiletries, wet wipes for hygiene or heat rash, diapers, toothbrushes, pacifiers, baby carriages, and more. However, they are expanding their selection beyond babies; they are offering supplements for pre-moms, maternity clothes, and surprisingly nursing care products for the older generation.

Pigeon aims to make the world kinder to babies by carefully analyzing babies’ unique needs. With their broad network of global markets, they manufacture high value-added products based on solid evidence while enhancing their product lines, reflecting market trends and the needs of local consumers in each country. Their reliable products can be of great assistance to your baby feeding activities.