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    Transino is a Japanese anti-spot skincare brand operated by Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare. It is based on countermeasures applied at dermatological and medical institutions and is focused on fighting skin spots. Spot care starts from the inside of your body by taking appropriate measures against melasma, spots, and freckles, and continues on the outside for a total approach.

    Transino's range of products include oral medicine and a medicated skincare series to prevent melasma, spots and freckles. Oral medicine treatments such as the Transino II and Transino White C clear pills work from the inside of your body to improve melasma and reduce spots and freckles. The skincare series contains tranexamic acid as a whitening active ingredient and consist of three types of care: cleansing (makeup remover and face wash), basic whitening (lotion, emulsion, cream, serum, and facial mask), and UV (sunscreen and concealer). Consume Transino products on a regular basis to minimize unwanted skin pigmentation and give your skin a clear-finish and brighter tone.