Originating from the production of glass-lined vacuum bottles, Zojirushi has been a leading company of thermal technology. They are without question one of the most prominent global players in vacuum bottles, and also provide rice cookers, hot plates, toasters, ovens, humidifiers, and electric teapots through the use of their original temperature-controlling technology. Zojirushi adds comfort to people’s everyday lives by offering new solutions for food preparation and preservation at ideal temperatures, and continue to focus on their goal of providing more efficient and user-friendly products to upgrade your lifestyles.

Try their best-selling stainless steel vacuum flask to discover how fabulous it is when a hot drink remains hot and a cold drink remains cold for a long period of time. You will also like features other than its thermal technology including its compact size, lightweight, easy-to-wash design, and simple yet stylish appearance. These are all based on Zojirushi’s preserved know-how and technology.