AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Rich Blend 100 Bags-Japanese Taste

AGF Blendy Drip Coffee Rich Blend 100 Bags

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AGF Blendy Rich blend in respective bags with rich taste and aroma. 

Very easy to prepare in busy morning, during breaks at a office, or outdoor. 


Prepare a mug with less than 9cm diameter and about 180ml of hot water.

Shake the bag little bit so that the powder goes to the bottom.

Open and set the bag edges of the cup making sure the hooks are up and stable.

Pour only a little bit of hot water first and wait to let it allow to brew (steam) for 20 seconds.

Slowly pour rest of the hot water into the bag in 2 - 3 times. 


  • Contents: 7g × 100 bags
  • Flavour: Rich Blend with beans form Etiopia, Tanzania and more. 
  • Made in: Japan

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