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    Arimino Peace Soft Hair Wax Pro Design Series 80g-Japanese Taste


    Arimino Peace Soft Hair Wax Pro Design Series 80g


    Arimino Peace Soft Wax is a professional hair wax for expressing hair design in details.

    This creamy wax has a strong setting power but leaves hair with a natural look.

    It can hold and sustain your hair design for long but does not leave it greasy.

    It goes well for any hair-style.

    • Cupuacu oil hydrates your hair and makes it shine.
    • Original cream film keeps hair styles and it stays on hair even if you rake a hand through your hair.
    • Aqua rose scent.

    Take some wax on your hand and spread first, and then apply it on your hair.

    • Net contents: 80g
    • Size: 70 × 70 × 70mm
    • Made in Japan
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