Aux Leye Yubisaki Stainless Steel Fingertip Tongs LS1505 - Japanese Taste

Aux Leye Yubisaki Stainless Steel Fingertip Tongs LS1505

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Say good-bye to slimy, sticky fingers with Yubisaki Tongs. These stainless steel fingertip tongs have a soft spring action that allows you to use them almost as if they were your fingers.

Use them for separating thin slices of meat, breading food, and a variety of other delicate tasks.

Stainless Steel fingertip tongs for cooking or serving food.


  • Use for strong smell foods such as garlic or fish. Don't need to worry about the bad smell on fingers.
  • It reduces the frequency of washing your hands contributing to more smooth and cook meal preparation.
  • With a head designed for maximum dexterity, they feel just like extensions of your fingers.
  • Rest the tongs upside down, and the head will not touch the work surface. It stays clean and will not leave marks or a mess.


  • Model: LS1505
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Made in: Japan


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