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BCL Saborino Mezama Morning Face Mask 32 Sheets

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BCL Saborino Morning Face Mask is a 3-in-1 face mask designed for having a fast and efficient face care in busy morning.

By simply applying this Saborino Mezama Sheet, you are finishing; washing your face, skin care, moisturizing foundation all in one.

The cooling, tightening sensation and skin care ingredients treat any bloating or swelling.

By wiping your skin as you take off the mask, you can also get rid of excess dead skin cells and dirt, while the moisturizing components keep your skin hydrated for all day.

Main skin caring ingredients are: Apple Acid, Peppermint Extract, Cucumber Extract, Grape Fruits Oil, Orange Oil, Avocado Extract, Collagen, Honey, and Hyaluronic Acid.


  • Gives you a 3-in-1 performance (cleansing + skincare + hydration) in only 60 seconds.
  • Moisturizing, nourishing and tightening skin.
  • Enhance the elasticity of skin, and reduce the puffiness of eyes in the morning.
  • Pleasant fruity herbal scent
  • 304ml of skin care lotion within one package.
  • Your daily morning skin care will be finished in 60 seconds.


Apply this morning mask after you wake up.

Easily pull out a mask from the package and apply it onto skin.

Let the mask stay for 60 seconds, then gently tap the skin for the remaining essence to be absorbed.

After 60 seconds, you can start applying makeup. 


  • Contents: 32 Sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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