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Cow Additive-Free Moisturizing Face Wash 110g

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This is a face wash soap made with plant derived amino acid cleansing components and ceramide for providing that moisturizing effect.

It generates a creamy foam that cleanses sebum and dirt while it keeps the skin moisturized.

Produced by COW, a Japanese soap producer with more than 100 years of history.


  • The base soap is made with natural ingredients like palm or canola oil.
  • Other ingredients are also carefully chosen in order to make it hypoallergenic face wash.
  • Free of coloring, fragrance, paraffinum liquidum, alcohol, and paraben. 
  • Moisturizing ingredient Ceramide is prepared.


Take about 2 cm of the face wash, foam well with water or warm water.

Wash gently and rinse well. 


  • Contents: 110g
  • Made in: Japan

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