Ettusais Pore Care Wash 125ml-Japanese Taste

Ettusais Pore Care Wash 125ml

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The Ettusais Pore Care Wash features deep cleansing ingredients to remove unsaturated fatty acids, component of sebum which causes enlarged pores and skin roughness.

By removing unnecessary sebum this Japanese face wash also prevents acne.

It has a mild moisturizing effect and makes a gentle fluffy foam that leaves skin refreshed.

Free of fragrance and colorings. Non comedogenic.


Take 1.5 to 2 cm of the face wash and foam with water or warm water. 

Rinse it off well after washing your face.

It lasts about 2 months if you wash your face with this product twice a day. 


  • Contents: 125ml / 4.2oz
  • Made in: Japan

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