Operating its business as a group company of Shiseido, Ettusais has always attracted many Japanese cosmetics consumers. Its brand name derives from a French phrase “et tu sais”, which means something like “hey, you know it?”, and aims to produce cosmetics that make consumers feel they cannot help but introduce Ettusais products to others. Their products usually feature an adorable package design, gentleness to the skin, and a reasonable price, so they are loved by Japanese women of all ages.

Ettusais is originally a skincare brand designed specially for adult acne, and also provides a selection of beauty products that meet the demands of people with oily and/or rough skin. However, it was after a commemoration of the 30th anniversary of their foundation that they widened their selection into four main categories: lip edition, eye edition, face edition, and skincare series. These are all designed to minimize the risk of skin problems preemptively, so you can give your skin preventive care to avoid any undesirable results.