Ettusais Skin Care Powder 10g-Japanese Taste

Ettusais Skin Care Powder 10g

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Ettusais Skin Care Powder boosts the brightness of the skin and helps reduce dryness, oiliness and even redness.

It can be used in the morning for a natural look or at night as a final skin care step.


  • Formulated with aloe extract and evening primrose oil.
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Light rose fragrance.
  • Includes applicator puff.


Day-time use:

Use when you do not want to apply foundation or want to reduce skin oiliness. Makes the skin look clear and glowing.

Night-time use:

Use at the end of your skincare routine. Helps reduce skin dryness, redness and stickiness.


  • Net weight: 10g / 0.35oz.
  • Skin type: Normal
  • Made in: Japan

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