Gabaiyoka Peeling Pack Black Charcoal 90g-Japanese Taste

Gabaiyoka Peeling Pack Black Charcoal 90g

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Gabaiyoka Peeling Pack removes downy hair, old skin and keratin plugs, and also makes pore impurities inconspicuous.

After using this pack, your skin will be smooth and translucent. Also, to add makeup will be improved, reducing foundation unevenness.


After cleansing, take a suitable amount of this peeling pack on your hand and apply evenly to skin, covering areas which are of concern (avoid the hairline and eye area).

After spreading out, leave on for 15-20 minutes.

When the pack solidifies, the color will become pale. When it iscompletely dry, peel off slowly from the edge.


  • Contents: 90g
  • Manufacturer Name: Asty Cosme Freak
  • Made in: Japan

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