Celistina Gekka Sleeping Pack All-in-One Gel 80g - Japanese Taste

Celistina Gekka Sleeping Pack All-in-One Gel 80g

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Gekka Sleeping Pack is a Japanese all-in-one medicated gel and sleeping mask that soothes and hydrates your skin while minimizes the pores during sleep. 

It contains 5 different types of beauty essence that tightens your skin and minimizes your pores. It also provides moisture to your skin while you sleep, leaving your skin smooth and fresh in the morning. Natural essence herb blend fragrance helps promote relaxation for better sleep.

Gekka sleeping pack contains anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and moisturizing powerful ingredients that make this gel a perfect all-rounder. 

Directions of use: 

Use immediately after cleansing.

Smooth mask over the face and neck, avoiding eye area and brows. Blot off excess product.

In the morning rinse off any mask residue with warm water.


80g (2.8oz)

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