Hounen Menkiri Knife Soba Kiri Cleaver Knife 240mm, Japanese Taste

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Hounen Menkiri Knife Soba Kiri Cleaver Knife 240mm


Would you like to create homemade soba noodles? Do you find it difficult to cut long and flat dough with normal kitchen knives? To cut the dough smoothly and make beautiful noodles, it is recommended that you use a kitchen knife designed for the purpose of soba cutting.

This type of knife is also known as soba kiri or soba cleaver, which is translated as “soba cutting”. Its unique shape allows you to cut the dough straight to the ground (cutting board).

Made with special steel in its blade, its sharpness is greater than normal stainless steel.

Although it requires some practice to master how to cut soba noodles elegantly, there are some tips you should be aware of when performing this process. For more successful results, prepare a komaita (a noodle cutting block plate to be used as a ruler to guide the blade’s straight cutting).

Cut the dough vertically and straight with the whole knife slightly tilting to the left (for left-handed users, tilt it to the right).

When performing this step, make sure that your navel (belly button) and the cutting position are arranged linearly, as if they were in a straight line.

When holding the handle, grip the deeper side of it (i.e. close to the bolster) with your thumb and forefinger placed on the blade to balance the blade angle and cutting force.

Avoid gripping the handle too strongly. When you are concentrating, you may unconsciously grip it stronger than you intend, which would lead to an unsuccessful cut.

Cut the dough according to the weight of the soba kiri knife without exerting too much force.

    • Model number: A-1052
    • Materials: Special steel (blade), wood (handle)
    • Full length: 240mm
    • Weight: Approx. 250g
    • Notes: To prevent corrosion, keep the blade dry when unused. Product design may be subject to change without notice.
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