House Hokkaido Cream Stew Roux Blocks 180g-Japanese Taste

House Hokkaido Cream Stew Roux Blocks 180g

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House Hokkaido Cream Stew in Blocks to make delicious Japanese white stew easily at home.

The white stew roux mix is made with Hokkaido origin fresh cream, mascarpone and natural cheese. 


Fry ingredients of your choice (vegetables, meat, seafood...etc.) in a pot.

Add 1200ml of water and cook until the ingredients get soft.

Stop the heat. Add and dissolve the roux as you break them into pieces.

Add 200ml of milk and cook 5 more minute as you stir.

If you are using 1/2 of the roux, use 1/2 of ingredients and milk, and 700ml of water. 


  • Contents: 180g
  • Made in: Japan

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