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Kanebo Suisai Skin Care Lotion II Moist 150ml

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This skin care lotion from Kanebo Suisai, makes your skin hydrated and smooth from cell layers. 

Suisai brand aims to achieve "moisturized and smooth skin" with fermented beauty components. 

Their fermented beauty components are made from soy milk and pear, which have a highly moisturizing effect. 

There are 3 types of Suisai lotion; Light, Moist and High Moist.

This is the moist type lotion, appropriate for people who want to hydrate their skin without oily or greasy feeling.


After washing your face, take about 2.5cm of the lotion on your hand or on cotton, and apply on your face.  


  • Contents: 150ml
  • Type: Moist
  • Made in Japan

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