• Kewpie Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise Japanese Mayo 300g-Japanese Taste

Kewpie Cholesterol Free Mayonnaise Japanese Mayo 300g

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Kewpie Cholesterol-Free Mayonnaise is a delicious and healthy Japanese-style mayonnaise made with three main high quality ingredients; egg yolk, vegetable oil and vinegar.

The secret of its distinctively rich flavor is the egg yolk, unlike other mayonnaise that contain whole egg.

This mayonnaise has no cholesterol and 50% less calories than regular Kewpie's mayonnaise. Kewpie's proprietary technology has made possible to eliminate cholesterol and cut half of the calories while keeping the original taste.

Kewpie's mayonnaise goes well with salads, sandwiches, karaage, maki-sushi, fries, etc.


  • Net weight: 300g / 10.6oz
  • Made in: Japan

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