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    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Princess Veil Morning Skincare Mask 46 Sheets-Japanese Taste


    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Princess Veil Morning Skincare Mask 46 Sheets


    Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Morning Skincare Face Mask is a Japanese facial sheet mask formulated with components to wipe away dirt and roughness and deliver a refreshing and moisturizing effect to your skin from the morning.

    Choose among 4 types:

    • Formulated with grapefruit extract, organic peppermint leaf extract, lime extract, mint extract, lemon extract, orange honey, raspberry extract, blueberry extract, strawberry extract, witch hasel, hyaluronic acid, collagen and glycerin.
    • Suitable for people who want a proper skin in the morning and want to improve makeup hold.
    • This mask is an all in one product with 5 actions; face wash, lotion, emulsion, face pack and makeup base.
    • Has a refreshing, fresh, frutal fragrance.

    Take one mask and apply onto face.

    Mask provides a moisture charge.

    After about one minute remove the mask as if wiping it off.

    Skin is refreshed and moisturized ready for makeup.

      • Net contents: 46 Sheets
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