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    Kunitaro Sushiyasan Konacha Powdered Green Tea with Uji Matcha 20 Bags


    Have you ever noticed that the green tea typically served at sushi restaurants is powdered? This type of green tea is slightly thicker and more robust in flavor compared to leaf-brewed green tea. It's perfect for cleansing your palate after enjoying sushi, which can have a rich, oily taste.

    With this product, you can savor the authentic Japanese green tea experience of a sushi restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

    • In Japanese, the powdered tea is known as "konacha (粉茶)," which is finely crushed green tea leaves. This unique process enhances the tea's flavor, making it richer compared to traditional leaf-brewed tea.
    • Konacha is incredibly convenient for enjoying green tea because it dissolves rapidly, requiring no waiting time for brewing. You can enjoy it immediately.
    • Despite its robust bitterness, konacha leaves behind a refreshing aftertaste, making it an ideal choice after a heavy meal.
    • This product also includes Uji matcha powder, which adds a subtle sweetness that complements the konacha's original bitter taste perfectly.
    • The resealable package helps keep the powder dry when not in use, making it user-friendly with an easy-to-grip design that reduces slipping.
    • Moreover, an eco-friendly teabag filter made from corn is included instead of traditional paper or cotton.
    • You can enjoy this tea both as a cold or hot brew, offering versatility to suit your preferences.

    These tea bags are designed to be brewed in a teapot. 

    Hot Tea:

    To make a hot cup of tea, simply place a teabag into your teapot and pour hot water over it. If your teapot can hold four cups or more, consider adding an extra teabag for a stronger flavor.

    Wait patiently for 30 to 45 seconds, and your hot tea is ready to enjoy. If you prefer a bolder brew, feel free to steep it a bit longer.

    Cold / Iced Tea:

    For a refreshing iced tea, start by placing a teabag into your teapot and pouring hot water over it. Again, if your teapot has a large capacity, adding an extra teabag is a good idea.

    Let it steep for 30 to 45 seconds, then carefully pour the tea into a cup filled with ice cubes. If you prefer a stronger iced tea, extend the steeping time.

    Alternatively, you can use cold water instead of hot. In this case, steep the teabag for 60 seconds or more before pouring it over ice in your cup.

    • Net contents: 100g (5g×20 teabags)
    • Ingredients: Green tea crushed leaves, Uji matcha
    • Made in Japan
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