Kunitaro is a Japanese beverage firm that markets green tea, black tea, coffee, and rooibos tea. Although their main business is manufacturing and marketing beverages, they also sell nori seaweed: the reason for this is that in 1960’s, when Kuniatro Nakamura, the founder of Kunitaro started to sell green tea in East Japan, it was customary for green tea sellers to distribute nori seaweed as well. In response to this trend, he studied how to market nori by directly visiting the production site of this seaweed.

Along with the founder’s story, this brand is famous for their unique preferences in producing tea products. Firstly, their signature green teas are deeply-steamed to give them a richer aroma, less astringency, a mild aftertaste, and a dark green color. Secondly, their Patented triangle teabag termed Tetra Bag is another significant player that makes Kunitaro’s teas more delicious: this special teabag allows the contents of the leaves to diffuse quicker. This brand offers you a different tea experience, in a good way.