• Loshi Horse Oil Eye Cream Aging Care 20g-Japanese Taste

Loshi Horse Oil Eye Cream Aging Care 20g

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Loshi Horse Oil Eye Cream Aging Care firms and makes the skin around eyes plumper.

It is also effective against cutaneous spots and reduces visible aging lines and wrinkles.

This oil type cream blends well to human’s skin and creates a membrane that retains moisture inside the skin for a long time.


  • Horse oil derived from 100% pure horse fat which is rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Horse oil cream suppresses skin itchiness and keeps the skin moisturized and smooth.
  • Excellent in penetrating to the stratum corneum and replenishing moisture of dried skin.
  • This horse oil eye cream is blended with antioxidant components such as placenta and retinol.
  • Horse oil not derived from endangered species.
  • Smooth touch on the skin.


  • Contents: 20g
  • Manufacturer: Cosmetex Roland
  • Made in: Japan

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