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Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax Cool Wet 80g

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Gatsby Moving Rubber Cool Wet is a Japanese non-sticky hair wax designed uniquely to create a wet look with a shiny finish.
Once applied, restyling becomes easy. The Cool Wet product creates a moveable texture while still maintaining your desired hold. 

For best use, apply a generous amount of Cool Wet wax evenly throughout hair so that no section is left untouched.

Recommended for short, medium or long hair.

Wet texture / Paraben-Free / Made in Japan
About the brand:
Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax series was developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006. This unique product was designed to create a maximum hold and moveable texture allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day.
7 variations available according to your hair length and desired hair style: Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, Multi Form, Loose Shuffle, Air Rise, Cool Wet, Grunge Mat

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