Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax Loose Shuffle 80g - Japanese Taste

Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax Loose Shuffle 80g

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Gatsby Moving Rubber Loose Shuffle is a Japanese hair wax for men formulated with special fibers to create movement and blend easily into even long hair.

With Loose Shuffle wax you can create beautiful curls in no time.

Work wax in by lightly shuffling your fingers through hair and making gentle scrunching movements.

Recommended for short to medium or longer hair.
Soft texture / Paraben-Free / Made in Japan
About the brand:
Gatsby Moving Rubber hair wax series was developed in collaboration with Japan’s top hairstylists in 2006. This unique product was designed to create a maximum hold and moveable texture allowing you to reshape your style throughout the day.
7 variations available according to your hair length and desired hair style: Spiky Edge, Wild Shake, Multi Form, Loose Shuffle, Air Rise, Cool Wet, Grunge Mat

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