Marukome Ryotei No Aji Miso Paste with Dashi Low-Sodium 750g-Japanese Taste

Marukome Ryotei No Aji Miso Paste with Dashi Low-Sodium 750g

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The Ryotei no Aji Miso Paste contains the right amount of bonito and konbu (kelp) dashi which is blended into the red miso base to bring out all the miso flavour.

This miso paste with Dashi broth makes it easier and more convenient to make flavourful Miso Soup, one of the most popular Japanese staple foods.

This version has 20% less salt compared to the regular Ryotei no Aji Miso Paste.

Big pack with 750g of miso ready to use for soups or other dishes.

Best-selling Japanese Miso Paste by Marukome.

Marukome is a Japanese miso producer with more than 160 years of history.


For making miso soup; boil any ingredients of you choice in 320ml of water.

Add 2 spoon full of the miso and wait until it melts.

 Use the Leye Measuring Miso Muddler to both measure and dissolve the miso on the pot and make the same miso soup consistent in flavour.


  • Contents: 750g
  • Ingredients: Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Bonito Extract, Bonito Powder, Kelp Extract, Seasoning (amino acid etc.), Alcohol, Water
  • Made in: Japan

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