Matsuyama Hadauru Moisturizing Infusion Balancing Lotion 120ml-Japanese Taste

Matsuyama Hadauru Moisturizing Infusion Balancing Lotion 120ml

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Matsuyama Hadauru Balancing Lotion is a moisturizing lotion with a light texture that blends smoothly into the skin and replenishes moisture.

This lotion leaves your skin fresh and moisturized and is recommended for those who oiliness on the T zone is a concern.


  • Contains soy bean-derived ingredients that help the function of the stratum corneum (horny layer).
  • Rice derived ingredient inositol regulates oil and water balance of the skin.
  • 5 types of ceramide blended.
  • Light texture with a fresh, moist finish.
  • Free from alcohol (ethanol), parabens, synthetic perfumes, artificial colorings, mineral oils.


  • Contents: 120ml
  • Type: Light
  • Made in: Japan

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