• Mebika Moist Rice Facial Sheet Mask 7P-Japanese Taste

Mebika Moist Rice Facial Sheet Mask 7P

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Mebika Moist Sheet Mask is a moisturizing Japanese facial sheet mask containing rice derived ingredients to naturally restore and maintain the skin barrier while supporting an optimal oil-water balance.

Mebika face masks are made with 8 rice derived ingredients and 9 oriental plant extracts, all ingredients with excellent moisture and water retention abilities.

It also contains other high moisturizing ingredients such as super hyaluronic acid, placenta and aloe vera.


  • These moisturizing sheet masks deliver and retain moisture in the skin layers penetrating the stratum corneum deeply.
  • The daily moisture retention will firm the skin, providing clarity and elasticity.
  • Contains Japanese domestic rice extract.
  • Free of mineral oil, colouring and fragrance.


  • Contents: 7 facial sheet masks
  • Made in: Japan

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