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    Morinaga Hi-Chew Japanese Soft Candy Extra Chewy Soda Assortment 32g, Japanese Taste


    Morinaga Hi-Chew Japanese Soft Candy Extra Chewy Soda Assortment 32g


    Hi-Chew is one of Japan's most popular candies, and these soft candies are extra special.

    These are from Hi-Chew's "Muni Muni Goo" range, making them an extra chewy version of Hi-Chew. Morinaga says the candy has 150% elasticity compared to their regular product. It's an assortment of two popular Japanese soft drink flavors: Soda and Melon Soda. 

    The addictive, elastic chewiness of these candies is sure to satisfy you, and the refreshing soda flavors can't be beaten!

    • Net contents: 32g
    • Main ingredients: Sugar, starch, vegetable oil, gelatin, fragrance, color
    • Nutrition facts (per piece): Energy 18kcal, protein 0.08g, fat 0.4g, carbohydrate 3.5g, sodium 0g
    • Potential allergens: Gelatin
    • Made in Japan
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