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    Muji Naturally Derived All-In-One Gel for Sensitive Skin 150g


    The Naturally Derived All-In-One Gel for Sensitive Skin by Muji is a hypoallergenic skincare gel crafted with 100% naturally derived ingredients which is part of Muji's sensitive skin series.

    This gel contains three types of plant extracts, ceramides, and five types of amino acids, addressing the specific needs of sensitive skin for a healthy and moisturized complexion.

    • Crafted with 100% naturally derived ingredients for gentle skincare.
    • Enriched with elements to maintain healthy and fresh skin.
    • Includes ingredients subjected to chemical reactions for enhanced efficacy.
    • Features ceramides, Eucalyptus leaf extract, purslane extract, and grapefruit seed extract for moisture.
    • Contains 5 types of amino acids for added skin nourishment.
    • Free from artificial fragrances for a natural skincare experience.
    • Void of artificial colors, ensuring a pure application.
    • Formulated without mineral oil for a lightweight texture.
    • Maintains a mild pH balance, suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Excludes parabens, promoting a health-conscious formula.
    • Absence of phenoxyethanol, a common preservative, for added skin safety.
    • Free from alcohol for non-drying and non-irritating application.
    • Formulated for allergy-tested assurance, recognizing individual skin sensitivities.
    • Rigorously tested for stinging sensations, acknowledging diverse skin responses.

    After washing your face, take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly across your entire face.

    • Net contents: 150g
    • Made in Japan
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