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  • Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce 360g x 3 Bottles-Japanese Taste

Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce 360g x 3 Bottles

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Oliver Tonkatsu Sauce has the perfect blend of spices in a thick sweet-and-sour vinegar-based sauce and adds wonderful flavors to a very wide variety of foods and dishes specially deep-fried cutlets.

Oliver Sauce invented the "Tonkatsu Sauce" in 1948 in Kobe, Japan. The base was the famous Worcester Sauce, born in the town of Worcester, England in the 19th century. From this starting point, a new Japanese sauce that best matches such dishes as deep-fried cutlets (tonkatsu) and pan-grilled Japanese style crepes called "Okonomiyaki", was created.

Oliver tonkatsu sauce has a great flavor, a naturally long shelf life, and is healthy no-fat and low-calorie.


  • Contents: 360g x 3 bottles
  • Made in Japan

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