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    Sanko Seika

    Sanko Mixed Rice Crackers 7 Japanese Flavors Assortment Pack 110g


    This fun assortment of Japanese rice crackers is sure to get the party started! A fantastic blend of 7 small snacks with a wide variety of flavors from seaweed, to shrimp, to ume plum. This 110g pack features seven bags of mixed rice crackers, making it easy to throw in your bag, or share with friends. 

    • Norishio Senbe - A senbei rice cracker coated in nori seaweed and salt seasoning
    • Ikamame - Soybeans coated in a batter including mashed squid fillet
    • Ebi Arare - Small, crispy crackers with a rich shrimp flavor
    • Cheese Snack Senbei - Rice crackers with a dollop of cheese paste in the middle
    • Ikaten Snack - A crispy, salty, squid flavored tempura snack
    • Umeshio Age - A fried rice puff flavored with ume plum and salt
    • Kuromame Arare - An arare cracker with dried black soybeans
    • Small Shrimp - Dried whole small shrimp for an umami boost
    • Main ingredients: Rice, vegetable oil, black soybeans, peanuts, shrimp, sugar, flour, starch, cheese powder, salt, rice flour, soy sauce, mayonnaise seasoning, brown sugar, plum powder, bonito extract, aosa, spices
    • Potential allergens: Shrimp, wheat, egg, dairy, peanut, squid, soy
    • Nutritional information (per bag): 91kcal, 1.1g protein, 4.2g fat, 12.2g carbohydrates
    • Net contents: 110g
    • Made in Japan
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