Sori Yanagi Designer Butter Knife-Japanese Taste

Sori Yanagi Designer Butter Knife

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Designer butter knife by Sori Yanagi.

This long-selling knife is functional and at the same time pleasing to the eyes. It has a matte finish that makes the scratches less visible.

The way Sori Yanagi creates products is unique. It does not start with drawing but with building up an actual model.  They use that model and re-create repeatedly for 2-3 years until it completes to be a finished product. 

The cutleries might look ordinary but you will notice the difference and detailed design of sensitive curves, angles or cuts when you actually use it. 


Sori Yanagi was a Japanese product designer who famous for making products that are beautiful yet efficient. He is one of the leading representatives of the so called industrial designers. 

His designs include not only kitchenware and daily utensils but also furnitures, toys, Olympics cauldrons, wellheads for tunnels, pedestrians bridges and more. 

Sori Yanagi functional beauty is recognized around the world.


  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: 170mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Made in: Japan 

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