Tojiro Canvas Chef Knife Roll Bag F-359-Japanese Taste

Tojiro Canvas Chef Knife Roll Bag F-359

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Tojiro Knife Roll Bag is made with canvas woven fabric and has been designed to hold up to 5 knives and be rolled, so you can carry knives safely wherever you go.

Moreover, it has a cordon to safely close the bag and secure the knives when carrying them.

It has 5 pockets so 5 knives can be individually stored in its own slot, ensuring no collision with blades. Each slot is designed to hold knives with a maximum blade length of 24 cm.

Canvas is an extremely durable, sturdy and flexible woven fabric so knives can be easily rolled and will not penetrate the pocket bag.


  • Brand: Tojiro
  • Size: 545×440 mm
  • Weight:  235g (8.3 oz)
  • Capacity: 5 knives
  • Maximum knife blade length: 24 cm
  • Material: Canvas
  • Made in: Japan

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