Hakata Shinpu Ramen (Osaka branch)

Hakata Shinpu Ramen (Osaka branch)-Japanese Taste

Hakata Shinpu Ramen (博多新風ラーメン) is a Ramen restaurant brand from Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan.

First time trying this tonkotsu (thick broth made from boiling pork bones) style ramen brand and all I can say is that I will repeat. I am not aware of how many shops they have exactly but so far I detected three; two in Fukuoka and one in Osaka.

This time, we tried the new branch they have in the basement floor (B2F) of Lucua Umeda in Osaka.

Shinpu Ramen Osaka Branch

Shinpu Ramen Osaka Branch

Similar to Ippudo and Ramen 101, Shinpu does a red or white bowl of Hakata tonkotsu Ramen.

The red version has a deeper taste and it is the favorite among men clients. We added a bowl of chadon (チャー丼) and ten gyozas as side dishes. Ramen+Chadon at 930¥ / 10 Gyozas at 500¥.


Shinpu Ramen (red version)

Shinpu Ramen (red version)


The white version is lighter in taste and contents a bunch of fresh soy sprouts to make you healthy! A bowl of white Shinpu Ramen costs 750¥ (100¥ more if you add the typical cooked egg as topping). Like with the red version, other sides dishes such as chadon (braised pork over rice), gyozas, curry rice... can be chosen from the menu for just 150¥ more to add to the normal price of the ramen bowl.

Shinpu Ramen (white version)

Shinpu Ramen (white version)

As mentioned previously, Shinpu Ramen Umeda Branch is located on the basement floor (B2F) of Lucua Department Store just right at JR Osaka Station. The dining area where Shinpu Ramen shop is located is called Lucua Bar Chica (バルチカ) and is connected with Isetan Food Hall.

Hakata Shinpu Ramen (博多新風ラーメン):

  • Address:Lucua 1100, B2F, 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Japan
  • Opening time:11:00 ~ 24:00


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