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How To Make A Matcha Latte With Almond Milk

by Ayumi Matsuo

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Matcha latte is a drink crafted with matcha green tea and milk, boasting a perfect balance of bitterness from the matcha powder and sweetness from the milk. It has garnered popularity among adults in Japan.

Matcha has been a cherished beverage in Japan since the 8th century. In the mid-1990s, the market saw the emergence of matcha cakes, matcha-flavored chocolates, and other sweets featuring matcha. Similar to matcha sweets, matcha latte is also perceived as a dessert, often enjoyed between or after meals rather than alongside them.

Freshly made matcha lattes are readily available at cafes like Starbucks or Tully’s in Japan. Additionally, packaged matcha lattes can be found at virtually any convenience store, and matcha latte kits are available in supermarkets. Using a kit, one can easily prepare matcha lattes by pouring hot water over the latte powder, making it an easily accessible drink in Japan.

With its high nutritional value and caffeine content, matcha has gained attention overseas as a superfood, leading to widespread popularity of matcha-flavored sweets and drinks globally. It has also become a favored alternative to coffee.

Today, we'll be making a matcha latte using almond milk, a readily available option in supermarkets. Even those who are not fond of dairy milk can enjoy this delightful beverage.

If almond milk isn't your preference, alternatives such as oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk, or cashew milk can be used. Just choose your favorite!

For an authentic matcha latte experience, traditional tools such as a Chasen (bamboo matcha whisk) and Chashaku (tea ladle) can be used.

Pour your latte into your favorite mug, sprinkle matcha powder on top for an extra fancy touch, and it's ready to enjoy!


Prep time: 0 mins

Cook time: 5 mins

Total time: 5 mins

Total servings: 2

Difficulty: Easy

  • 150ml Almond Milk
  • 150ml Warm Water (between 60~70℃)
  • 6g Matcha Powder
  • 14g Sugar

Expert's Tip

How To Make A Matcha Latte With Almond Milk

This organic matcha powder is produced in Uji, Kyoto. It can be used not only for making tea but also for making sweets such as pancakes, sponge cakes, and more.


frothing the almond milk

1) Heating and Frothing the Milk

Warm up the almond milk in saucepan, turn off heat just before it boils and transfer into a bowl. You can also warm up the almond milk in a microwave for 1 minute at 600w. Whisk with a milk frother or whisk.

2) Whisking the Matcha

Put matcha powder and sugar into another bowl. First, pour in half the warm water and whisk with a chasen - traditional Japanese matcha whisk. If you do not have a chasen, you can use a frother or whisk. When the matcha powder and sugar have completely dissolved, pour in the other half of the warm water and whisk well until bubbles form around the surface.

3) Putting the Matcha Latte Together

Divide the matcha into two mugs and pour the foamed almond milk over the top. Finally, sprinkle with matcha powder using a tea strainer and it’s done!

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