How to Make Gyoza Wrappers From Scratch-Japanese Taste

How to Make Gyoza Wrappers From Scratch

by Ayumi Matsuo

Dumpling Make ahead

Making gyoza, or Japanese dumplings, at home can be a fun project to involve your family or friends in. In another recipe, we showed you how to make the filling for gyoza from scratch. This time, we'll share a recipe on how to make the wrappers from scratch.

If you're unfamiliar with gyoza, they are the Japanese take on dumplings, similar to Chinese jiaozi. It is a staple menu item in ramen shops and Chinese restaurants across Japan. Many grocery and convenience stores even sell frozen gyoza, which can be easily fried up at home.

However, the tastiest gyoza are always the ones made from scratch! While you can use pre-made gyoza wrappers sold in the refrigerated section of Asian grocery stores, making them from scratch just makes the gyoza a bit more special.

If you want to make gyoza at home, check out our gyoza filling recipe and pair it with this recipe for the wrappers. We hope you'll enjoy making tasty gyoza at home!


Prep time: 10 mins

Cook time: 30 mins

Total time: 40 mins

Total servings: 4

Difficulty: Easy

  • 200g All Purpose Flour
  • 140g Hot Water

Expert's Tip

How to Make Gyoza Wrappers From Scratch

This unique tool is very useful and convenient for wrapping gyoza. Simply place the gyoza wrapper onto the yellow mold, measure and place the filling into the center with the included spoon, and close the mold to make perfectly shaped gyoza. This tool may be useful if you are making gyoza for the first time or are making it with kids!


1) Gathering the Ingredients

Gather the ingredients you'll need to make gyoza. 

Note: This image includes both the wrapper and filling ingredients. 

2) Making the Gyoza Wrapper Dough

Add the All-Purpose Flour to a large bowl. Stream in hot water (around 80℃) little by little. At this point, use chopsticks or a spatula as the water is very hot. Once all of the hot water has been added, knead the dough with your hands until it becomes soft and smooth. Cover and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. You can work on your filling for the gyoza while your dough is resting.

3) Portioning the Gyoza Wrappers

Sprinkle a mat or board generously with some flour (not including the recipe amount) and transfer the gyoza dough from the bowl. Divide the dough into two equal portions and stretch them into long, cylindrical pieces. Then, using a bench scraper, cut 10 equal portions out of each cylinder.

4) Shaping the Gyoza Wrappers

Take each cut-out piece and roll it into a ball. Then, using your fingers and a rolling pin, roll it out into a 12 cm circle. (Sprinkle the wrappers with flour each time if they seem to be sticking together).

5) Using the Gyoza Wrappers

Now, your wrappers are ready to be used for making gyoza! Check out our other gyoza recipe to use these wrappers in making the ultimate gyoza. 

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