Restaurant Mamecha [豆ちゃ] in Ishiba Koji, Kyoto

Restaurant Mamecha [豆ちゃ] in Ishiba Koji, Kyoto-Japanese Taste

Mamecha is a Japanese style restaurant located in a typical traditional Kyoto house in Ishiba Koji, an old and quite neighbourhood of the ancient city of Kyoto.

One can really feel the old Kyoto atmosphere in Ishiba Koji. The streets remain stone-paved and the area is full of traditional Kyoto houses and Japanese style gardens. However, it is a bit difficult to find restaurants there since many of them barely publicize or just have small signboards in Japanese.

For instance, see how Mamecha looks like from outside in the image below. Apparently it could be a guest house or even a private house, couldn't it?

Mamecha Restaurant from outside

Inside expect a two floors house with a modern Japanese interior. Second floor is recommended since you can enjoy the nice views of the garden and street.

Regarding the cuisine, Mamecha is an Obanzai restaurant i.e. a traditional home style cooking Kyoto restaurant. Obanzai cuisine is made up of many small dishes that are relatively easy to prepare. This style of cuisine tries to use seasonal ingredients to bring out the natural flavors of each season.

Japanese appetizers in a box

The menu is composed of seasonal and all year round dishes. There is also the option to order full course menu.

Sake flavour pudding

Prices are more than reasonable compared to the upscale restaurants in the area. For a dinner with a la carte dishes, drinks and dessert we paid around 4,000¥ (incl. taxes) per person.

Finally, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance as it might get busy especially after 7 p.m.

In summary, excellent cuisine in a privileged environment and reasonable prices.

Ishibe Koji Mame-cha (石塀小路豆ちゃ京都):

  • Address: Shimogawaracho 463-16 ,Simokawara-dori Yasaka-torii-mae kudaru, Higashiyama-ku, 605-0825 Kyoto
  • Tel: 075-532-2788
  • Opening time:17:00~23:30
  • Website:


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