Bull-Dog Sauce

Do you need something more to enhance the flavor of tonkatsu (Japanese deep-fried breaded pork)? It is safe to say that whether or not you can enjoy tonkatsu largely depends on the tonkatsu sauce. Buy one from Bull-Dog to appreciate this popular Japanese dish to the full extent.

Bull-Dog’s sauce was developed by the founder of this brand who attempted to produce a seasoning sauce that appeals to Japanese people’s palate. To do so, he created a prototype of tonkatsu sauce, using Worcestershire sauce for reference; it is milder in terms of sourness and spiciness than Worcestershire sauce, and this makes it suitable for pouring a generous amount of the sauce on tonkatsu.

The more you use Bull-Dog sauce, the more you realize it is actually a versatile condiment. The secret of this lies in its ingredients: made from an exquisite balance of vegetables, fruits, vinegar, and spices without additives, it can enrich the flavor of dishes even if they contain other than deep-fried foods. You can also try their lighter Chuno sauce as well as aromatic Worcestershire sauce.