Are you looking for a snack that is tasty yet not too heavy? If so, Japanese snacks from Kasugai are the brand for you. Their classic snacks are simple and somewhat nostalgic in terms of design and ingredients, thus are widely accepted by people regardless of the generation. From traditional to modern snacks, Kasugai is a perfect brand to provide a small refreshment.

For consumers who desire a savory treat, Kasugai’s wasabi green peas are most recommended for their spicy kick of wasabi and crunchy roasted peas, which mean you will be unable to stop once you take your first bite, this is definitely the case when consumed with alcoholic drinks. For a sweet tooth, on the other hand, try their signature konpeito sugar candy. From its taste to its appearance, it provides you with a new snack experience. Replace your snack with those made from Kasugai for increased refreshment.