When you get older, not only your skin but also your feet need nourishing treatment as dryness due to aging may cause roughness, cracks, and nasty calluses on your feet. If you wish to eliminate these unwanted results, there is one Japanese brand that can be a solution for you.

Liberta has a series of products called Baby Foot, which includes foot peel masks to achieve beautiful bare feet like those of a baby. These foot peels are very easy to use and you just have to put them on, leave them for 30 minutes (for intensive-care models, 60 minutes), take them off, and rinse your feet. By performing these steps for 2~7 days, you can peel off the old skin with little irritation. Liberta’s products allow you to obtain soft, smooth, and moist feet. If you do not prefer exfoliating your feet, Liberta also offers a moisturizing cream that improves dryness and roughness.