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    Majolica Majorca

    Established in Japan in 2003, Majolica Majorca is a brand from the Shiseido group that targets women in their late teens to 20s who value their individuality and want to discover their inner beauty. Its color and base makeup items are available in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The brand name is inspired by a magic spell that is said to fulfill one’s wish to become beautiful, and each formula is full of creativity and functionality to make those wishes come true. The unique storytelling concept of Majolica Majorca is mainly communicated digitally. It will continue to be a brand that helps women new to cosmetics discover their unique look, believe in their potential, and find joy.

    You may like to try their Lash Expander Long EX mascara as it easily creates long and curly eyelashes with long-lasting waterproof benefits. Their eyeliners are also a good choice for achieving well-defined eyes.