Napla specializes in salon-exclusive haircare products and always pursues a strong partnership with beauty salons. However, the advantages this brand has are not limited to its relationship with professionals.

Napla has its own factory in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture, and this area has a mountain river with a clean stream. Its access to this pure water allows Napla to use it as a base ingredient of its cosmetics, so they can create haircare items that cause less damage to your hair and scalp. Napla explains that this gift of nature is one of the reasons they can act as a leading company in Japanese haircare industry.

Napla is also passionate about training stylists and people who dream of entering the world of hairdressing. For instance, they organize hair shows to support these aestheticians while inspiring audiences at the same time. Further, they have their own studios that provides lectures and seminars related to hairdressing. These events are also a driving force for Napla’s product manufacturing as they can receive feedback directly from specialists.