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    Noda Horo

    Have you ever thought kitchen utensils made with stainless steel are mundane and lack a sense of warmth? If you are looking for visually attractive yet functional cookware, consider buying enamel ones.

    Noda Horo is the only company in Japan to adopt an integrated system of enamelware production. Although they were originally a producer of enamelware for industrial uses such as a tray for chemical laboratories and cold water tanks for restaurants, cookware and kitchen utensils for households have replaced these in their lineup nowadays. Other enamelware commodities include wash basins, sterilizer cases, beakers, and toolboxes.

    Noda Horo believes the value of enamelware is largely based on its whiteness. In fact, even when colorful and patterned enamelware was the mainstream in the beginning of the 2000’s in Japan, they kept selling plain and white-colored enamel products as they believed this color to be the best in making food look beautiful and attractive. Their philosophy is unchanged in that the majority of their products still have a white enamel coating without patterns: this is somewhat representative of their artisan pride.