UHA Mikakuto

Deliciousness is Gentleness: a brand concept from Japanese confectionery maker UHA Mikakuto, which highlights the production of snacks featuring a good and hearty taste. They continue producing new kinds of candy that are attractive, pleasant, stimulating and novel.

Among dozens of candies and snacks made by UHA Mikakuto, the Kororo Grape Gummy Candy is well worth a try. The reason for this is that this Japanese gummy recreates not only the flavor of the grape but also its texture and appearance, so you will be surprised by a burst of grape juice when you bite it. Its watery, juicy feeling is irresistible.

If gummy candy is not your favorite snack, their extra-rich milk candy is the one you should try. Its exquisite harmony of Hokkaido fresh dairy cream and butter in this candy enhances the original flavor of milk, so milk-lovers are sure to like it. UHA Mikakuto offers you a thrilling and unconventional experience for your taste buds.