Yamato is a Japanese grocery developer which specializes in fermented foods such as soy sauce, miso, and amazake (a fermented drink). They dedicate themselves to producing traditional Japanese foods that are well suited to contemporary culinary cultures. In fact, their selection comes with miso paste, soy sauce, dashi stock, ready-to-eat Japanese side dishes, dressings, sweets, and even cosmetics.

Their products are perfect for consumers who wish to experience genuine and healthy Japanese foods. Their Hishio raw shoyu has a mellow and intense aroma that is totally different from conventional heated soy sauces. The Yamato Miso Hishio Shoyu Japanese Raw Soy Sauce has a good balance between sweetness and robustness and is filled with living enzymes due to the brand’s non-heating process. Although it is originally a beverage, their Genmai Brown Rice Amazake can be used as a sweetener as well as a base ingredient of homemade condiments, thanks to its natural sweetness and creamy texture.