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Amano Foods Freeze-Dried Japanese Miso Soup Set 10 Servings

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With Amano Foods Freeze-Dried Miso set you can enjoy five different types of authentic Japanese miso soup by just pouring some water into the freeze dried food.

The surprising fact of Amano Foods freeze dried series is that you can actually feel and see how the ingredients "grow" by just pouring boiled water.

The series are popular among all age groups in Japan; from children to elderly people!

This set contains 5 kinds of Miso Soup; Egg Plant, Japanese Green Onion, Root Vegetables, Tofu, and Aka miso with Japanese Honeworts.

Each type of miso soup has 2 packs in the set.


  • Each kind has a different blend of miso so that it perfectly matches with the ingredients.
  • Freeze dry technology preserve the nutrition, aroma, taste and texture of ingredients as they are.
  • It is very convenient both at home and outdoor since they are very light and easy to prepare.


Open a bag, and put the content in a cup or small bowl.

Pour 160ml of hot boiled water and stir well.


  • Contents: 10 individual freeze-dried miso soup servings
  • Made in: Japan

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