Higashimaru Japanese Udon Soup Stock 8 Sachets-Japanese Taste

Higashimaru Japanese Udon Soup Stock 8 Sachets

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With Higashimaru Udon Soup Stock you can enjoy authentic Japanese Udon soup by just adding hot water to the powdered soup.

This soup stock has been sold in the Japanese market for more than 50 years so it is loved by many generations.

It has a rich umami taste extracted from Konbu seaweed and bonito flakes.


Simply mix 1 bag of the soup stock with 250ml of boiled water.

Add the boiled udon noodles and stir.

Tip: you can enjoy this soup with noodles or use the it for cooking meat, fish, rice, vegetables, beaten eggs, etc.


  • Format: individually packed bags for 1 serving each
  • Contents: 8 sachets x 8g each
  • Made in: Japan

* Back side picture just shown for instructions. Represents box of 6.

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