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Ibonoito Handmade Somen Noodles 300g

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Ibonoito somen noodles are a Japan-made superior quality somen noodles containing only wheat, salt and vegetable oil. Ibonoito noodle is the most popular brand of somen noodles in Japan

Somen are one of the most popular noodles in Japan. Somen main ingredient is flour and they are the most thin noodles among major Japanese noodles such as Ramen, Udon, or Soba.

They can be consumed either cold or with hot broth. If you eat them cold we recommend to dip them first with Mentsuyu (Japanese noodle soup base).

When eating them as a warm dish a good dashi broth is recommended.


Ibonoito Somen is manufactured during a limited period of time, between October and the following April (production peaks from December to February).

Salted water is added to flour and then kneaded well until the dough is created. The dough is then stretched carefully to make one long strip of Somen. This is the traditional hand-stretching technique that originated in the Banshu area some six hundred years ago.

The dough may separate if it is forcibly stretched out to quickly make it thin. Instead, it should be stretched out as much as possible while being twisted. After it is left to ripen it is stretched out again.

This process of ripening and stretching is repeated several times to make Somen. The entire process consists of eleven steps.


Bring a full pot of water to a boil, cook noodles for 1 to 2 minutes. Put them in a strainer, rinse with cold water, and serve in cold water in a bowl.

When eating, lift a portion of noodles out of the water, and dip it in mentsuyu sauce. When you want to eat with hot soup, you can just put into the hot soup after you rinse with water quickly. 


  • Contents: 300g (10.6oz)
  • Made in: Japan

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