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Malony Dried Starch Thick Japanese Noodles 100g

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Malony thick noodles (2.0mm) are made with refined potato and corn starches (highly-purified starches from Hokkaido, Japan) and water. These transparent high nutritional noodles have a smooth and tender texture loved both by children and adults.


  • Malony is a low GI/GL food 
  • All the ingredients and all the production process are made in Japan.
  • Malony does not contain any allergens; from the first day of operations, the manufacturing lines have been producing only Malony so they have not been in contact with any materials containing allergens. You can feel safe when you eat it.
  • All the materials used are non-GM.

How to eat / cook:

Malony thick noodles is a very versatile ingredient. It is recommended to use them in pot dishes, sukiyaki, soups, simmered dishes, etc.

The thinner version of the noodles (1.4mm) is recommended for salads or pickled dishes as well as soups.

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