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    Nippon Japanese Takoyaki Flour Mix 200g, Japanese Taste

    Japanese Taste

    Nippon Japanese Takoyaki Flour Mix 200g


    This is a special flour mix specially formulated to make delicious Japanese takoyaki!

    This flour mix already contains powdered dashi (bonito and konbu seaweed extract) to enhance the taste of the takoyaki.

    In addition with this special flour mix you will achieve a crunchy takoyaki outside and at the same time slurry inside.

    By adding the ingredients of octopus (or any other ingredient you want to put inside like squid, meet, cheese, or vegetables) you can create delicious takoyaki!

    Takoyaki is a Japanese savoury ball-shaped pancake that mainly consists of batter filled with octopus or any other filling.

    The word "Tako" means Octopus, and the word "yaki" means grilled or cooked. Thus, you can add different toppings and ingredients to the batter base. The most common filling is of course octopus, but you can put squid, shrimp, cheese or anything you think would match with.

    And for the toppings; Takoyaki Sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) or aonori (type of seaweed) makes takoyaki even better!

    1. For creating the takoyaki dough:

    Mix 1 egg, 600ml of water and 1 bag of takoyaki flour (200g). Stir well.

    2. Make takoyaki:

    Cook Takoyaki with a takoyaki plate.

    Please do not use this flour mix for other purposes like Tempura, oil can be splattered and it's dangerous.

    • Net contents: 200g
    • Manufacturer: Nippon Flour Mills Co.,Ltd.
    • Made in Japan
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